DUI Accident Attorneys in Charleston, SC

The Charleston, SC drunk driving accident attorneys at the Boles Law Firm help DUI accident victims recover full and fair compensation for their injuries and help the families of those killed by drunk drivers to hold the drunk driver accountable for wrongful death.

When someone chooses to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking or using drugs, they are already negligent before they commit the first traffic violation. That negligence leads to senseless injuries, property damage, and deaths on US highways every day.

If you are someone whose life has been changed by a drunk driver, we will do all we can to help you recover full and fair compensation through settlement or trial.

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Dram Shop Attorneys in Charleston, SC


The Charleston, SC dram shop lawyers at the Boles Law Firm help DUI accident victims recover damages not only from the drunk driver but, whenever possible, from the establishment that served them.

If a bar, restaurant, or other establishment serves alcohol to 1) a minor, or 2) a person who is already intoxicated, the establishment’s actions are negligent and they are responsible for the damage caused if their patron then crashes a car or otherwise injures or kills someone because they are drunk.

Our attorneys may be able to help you recover full and fair compensation both in a lawsuit against the drunk driver who caused the accident and in a dram shop action against the business that served them.

FAQ for Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys in Charleston, SC

How do I prove that a drunk driver caused my crash?

What kind of compensation am I entitled to after a DUI accident?

Will the drunk driver who hit me go to prison?

Does your firm handle wrongful death drunk driving accident cases?

What if the drunk driver didn’t have insurance?

Can we get punitive damages against the drunk driver?

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