you know you can Trust a lawyer that rides

I focus on helping riders and victims of drunk driving accidents.

Why? Because I love to ride, and I hate that people still drive drunk. Yes, I handle other kinds of cases, too, but these are my focus. I’m passionate about these cases and for me, that means no billboards, no commercials; just good, old-fashioned, hard work and results for my clients.

Getting hit by a drunk driver wasn’t your choice. Choosing the right lawyer to help you win your case is. If you were hit by a drunk driver and want someone to roll up their sleeves and fight for you then call me today at (843) 576-5775

Dan Boles, Rider, Personal Injury Lawyer, Charleston, SC

I’m Not your average personal injury lawyer. Just Ask My Clients…


Charleston, SC


“Attorney Boles has helped both myself as well as friends and clients I’ve referred to his firm. He is always responsive and attentive, and can explain things in layman’s terms. His work is his top priority and he clearly strives to do his best for his clients each day. He is a true professional and hardly the stereotypical attorney. ”

James Island, SC


“Immediately after retaining Dan I felt relief in knowing that he was on the case and looking out for my brother’s best interest. Our case was handled expertly. Dan was always available to answer our questions and to explain the civil litigation process as the case proceeded. We were extremely satisfied with the result and highly recommend Dan for anyone involved in an accident seeking help.”

what to expect when you hire dan…

10+ Years Of Legal Experience
25+ Years Of Riding Experience
An Actual Courtroom Attorney
Dan’s Personal Cell Number
Easy-to-Understand Legal Explanations
Runaround & “Lawyer Speak”

Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Injuries
  • Assault and Battery

Civil Rights

  • False Imprisonment
  • Excessive Force Claims

Meet Dan…The Man

Husband. Father. Patriot. Modern-Day Renaissance Man. Rider. Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Dan took a winding road to become each of those things. Driven by a lifelong curiosity and eagerness to learn, Dan’s journey has led him to pursuits as varied as spending three years at sea mapping the ocean floor to honing his musical chops while fronting numerous bands as a singer and guitar player.

These days Dan has made a seamless transition to family man, spending time with his daughter Freya and wife Stephanie. When he’s not at the office or with his girls you can find him riding his bike on a twisting mountain road, dabbling in beekeeping, or out on the boat enjoying the Lowcountry waterways.  

Meet Dan…The Lawyer

After graduating from College of Charleston and later the University of South Carolina School of Law, Dan found himself drawn back to the Charleston area. That’s when he had a choice: Go the “safe” route and start small at one of the established law firms hoping to one day climb to partner, or take a risk, branch out on his own and stand up against a system that seemed to care more about law firm success than doing right by the client.

You can probably guess which route Dan chose. Over the next few years instead of collecting a comfortable salary as a junior attorney, Dan scrapped and clawed to break into the market with his own firm. Those years – when every client could make or break his small firm – shaped the lawyer that Dan is today. He’s carried that blue-collar work ethic and “client first” mindset with him to this day.      

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