There was a road rage incident in Summerville, SC, that left a motorcyclist bloody and injured – road rage can be deadly in any case, but it is particularly dangerous when it is directed at a motorcyclist. 

In this case, the motorcyclist was allegedly cut off, stopped on the road, and beaten, but he survived the incident. In many other cases, angry motorists or truck drivers have killed motorcyclists when their road rage caused them to run a motorcycle off the road or crash into another vehicle. 

Did a motorcycle cut you off in traffic? 

Maybe it was rude, but it is not worth killing a person over. If you are in traffic, and you feel the anger rising, breath deep, let it wash away, and take a break from driving for a few minutes if necessary. 

Look twice, save a life, and give motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians as much leeway as possible because it only takes a split second of out-of-control anger to end a person’s life… 

Road Rage Incident in Summerville, SC

Three people have been arrested after allegedly forcing a motorcycle to stop near Bacons Bridge Road and assaulting him in a road rage incident in Summerville:

Investigators have arrested three people in connection with a road rage incident that happened in Summerville and left a motorcyclist bloodied…

The arrest stems from an incident in the area of Bacons Bridge Road and Old Trolley Road on the afternoon of March 30, 2022. When officers arrived at the location they found a man sitting on a motorcycle with his head covered in blood.

In addition, there was a pile of bloody towels lying in the roadway.

Witnesses reported that the incident was a road rage in which two vehicles were cutting off the victim and made him stop on Bacons Bridge Road where he was assaulted by one person.

In addition to criminal charges, the people responsible for the traffic incident and assault may be liable for damages based on their conduct. Although liability (and whether insurance policies are on the hook for payment) depends on the facts of the case, the defendants are potentially liable for:

  • Damages caused by their automobiles, 
  • Damages caused by the assault, and
  • Punitive damages – and there is no cap on punitive damages in SC when someone “intended to harm and did harm the plaintiff.” 

Motorcyclist Killed on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, SC

A motorcyclist was killed on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach last week when his bike collided with a car that was making a turn:

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – A motorcyclist has died after a crash on Kings Highway Sunday night, police say. A passenger was also injured in the crash.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department said the two-vehicle crash occurred just after 7 p.m. on Sunday. The southbound lanes of Kings Hwy were closed near Pinewood Road until about 9:30 p.m.

According to MBPD, the motorcycle hit a car that was making a turn.

Whether the driver of the car is liable for the motorcyclist’s death depends on the facts of the case, and the article above is short on facts. For example, although we do not know for sure how the crash happened in this case, motorcycle crashes are often caused by negligent drivers who do not check before making a left turn across opposing lanes. 

If the car’s driver was responsible for the crash, the motorcyclist’s family may have a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver to compensate for 1) the motorcyclist’s damages before death and 2) the family’s loss of their loved one. 

More Information on I-26 Hit and Run that Killed Motorcyclist

A few weeks ago, we wrote about a motorcycle crash on I-26 near mile marker 216, where the motorcyclist struck the rear of a vehicle that was stopped in the roadway. 

The SC Highway Patrol has released additional information about the crash – it appears that, after the initial crash where the motorcycle struck the rear of the stopped vehicle, another vehicle hit the motorcyclist, killing them before the vehicle kept going

The South Carolina Highway Patrol says they are seeking information about a vehicle that hit and killed a motorcyclist in Charleston County on Thursday.

It happened on I-26 westbound near the 216-mile marker at 2 a.m.

The motorcycle driving struck the rear of a vehicle that was disabled in the roadway, Master Trooper Brian Lee says.

Then while lying in the road, the motorcyclist was hit and killed by an unknown vehicle, troopers say.

Charleston County Coroner Bobbi Jo O’Neal later identified the victim as Christopher Holloway.

The suspect was either driving a 2004-2022 Nissan Frontier or a 2005-2015 Nissan Xterra, according to troopers.

The vehicle’s color is unknown. Troopers say the vehicle may have undercarriage damage.

Anyone with information on the identity of those responsible is asked to submit your anonymous tip by calling the South Carolina Highway Patrol at 843-953-6010. You can also call Crime Stoppers of the Lowcountry at 843-554-1111.

Depending on the facts, all of which are not known yet, the family of the deceased motorcyclist may have claims for damages and a wrongful death lawsuit against:

  1. The driver of the stopped vehicle that caused the initial crash, and
  2. The driver of the vehicle that left the scene after killing the motorcyclist, once they are located. 

If you have any information about the vehicle or driver who left the scene, please contact the SC Highway Patrol or Crime Stoppers at the numbers included in the article quoted above. 

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